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SereneScreen Marine Aquarium Crystal

Now you can enjoy SereneScreen Marine Aquarium
with your Company Logo!

Click for larger screen shot!!

We have developed a custom version of
SereneScreen Marine Aquarium, called Marine Aquarium Crystal.
Marine Aquarium Crystal has all the same fish and features of SereneScreen Marine Aquarium Time v2.0! PLUS we place an etching of your company name, logo, or name and logo on a cut piece of translucent crystal nestled in the coral.
(All prices are in US$)
Quantity Pricing:
15 - 25 units - $20 each
30 - 50 units - $18 each
55 to 100 units - $16 each
115 to 200 units - $14 each
250 to 500 units - $12 each
Over 500 units, negotiable pricing is available.
Business terms:
Payment is payable in advance, upon placement of order, after screenshot approval. Total purchase price to include: cost of quantity purchased, shipping, and sales tax (where applicable).
Art Specifications:
Preferred format: EPS Vector drawing with all text in outline form.

Raster formats: For all raster formats, please avoid all drop shadows or glows around the logo image. Crisp, clear images and text will reproduce the best. Minimum resolution is 512 x 512 at 72 dpi. Higher resolution is always welcome.

Raster formats in order of preference:
1. Raster formats that include transparency or alpha channels (PSD, GIF, TIF, TGA)
2. Raster formats in uncompressed formats: (BMP, PIC, PDF)
3. JPG with the least amount of compression possible (highest quality).

Unaccepted Formats: File types that are associated with particular software packages such as Corel Draw, Microsoft Publisher, PaintShop Pro (ART, FHD, CDR, CMX, PAT, PPT, PSP, WPG, etc.). Adobe Photoshop is the only exception to this.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact directly.