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As the Number One selling and most downloaded aquarium simulator on the Internet, SereneScreen Marine Aquarium has made appearances in popular culture in ways, which far exceed any expectations.

Below you can find some fun material about when and how SereneScreen Marine Aquarium made a subtile appearance in your favorite movie, television show, or video game. Did we miss some, please visit or email

Name: There seems to be some kind of force field
Genre: Internet Humor

Description: We have a lot of fun with our favorite fans.

There seems to be some kind of force field
Name: Reaper
Genre: Television

Description: When you put the devil and a 21-year old lad whose soul was sold to him to be his bounty hunter, you have a new comedy on the CW, the Reaper.
Name: Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Genre: Television

Law & Order
Name: Firewall
Genre: Theatrical

Description: With his family held for ransom, the head security executive for a global bank is commanded to loot his own business for millions in order to ensure his wife and children's safety. He then faces the demanding task of thwarting the kidnapper's grand scheme, which makes him look guilty of embezzlement. Starring Harrison Ford. Apparently, one of the scenes is in an apartment with a tropical fish aquarium. When they realized the cost to put in a tropical fish aquarium for a 2-minute spot, they came to us!

Name: Early Screen Saver
Genre: Cartoon

Description: Cartoonists pokes fun at Screen Saver.
You know you are famous when they start poking fun at you. Famous cartoonist Marty Bucella captures the essence of "early" Marine Aquarium.

To see more of Marty's work, visit his website:

Marty Bucella
Cartoonist/Humorous Illustrator

Early Screen Savers
Name: Cannes Film Festival
Genre: Film Festival

Description: Located on every monitor in the press room.

MA Sighting at the Cannes Film Festival!

The Cannes Film Festival, the World's Most Prestigious Film Festival, ran from May 11th to May 22nd this year.  It is a non-public Festival that movie producers use to launch their new films in attempts to sell their works to distributors that come from all over the globe.  Many movie stars attend as well, providing much fan-fare for the paparazzi and press.

In the Official Press Room, Marine Aquarium was front and center, installed on 45 computers, as it waited for the International Cinema Press, about 800 journalists, to come in and type their reports.  What did the journalists have to say about the fish?  Everyone loved them!  

Cannes Film Festival
Name: Las Vegas
Genre: Television
Description: Episode #219 entitled: "One Nation Under Surveillance" To be airing on March 14, 2005. Apparently, it will be in subsequent episodes as well. Keep an eye out for it.

Las Vegas
Name: Elizabethtown
Genre: Theatrical - Currently in post production
Description: : During an outrageous memorial for a Southern patriarch, an unexpected romance blooms between a young woman and man. Starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. We are not sure which one they will use either Marine Aquarium or Goldfish Aquarium.
Name: Bridget Jones 2
Genre: Theatrical
Description: The Widescreen version of Marine Aquarium OS X was used by the lead character to hide a cheat map.

Bridget Jones 2
Name: RIO Casino in Las Vegas
Genre: Display
Description: The Rio Casino has Marine Aquarium 2.0 displayed on a round monitor that is about 5 feet tall and three feet circumference. The display is a promo of their sea food restaurant and the ocean themed pool in which both entrance are side by side. The round monitor is between the two entrance and is faced towards the main gaming floor.
Name: Far Cry
Genre: Game
Description: The Aquarium is shown in the "Cooler" which is the 13th level of the game.

Name: Stem
Genre: Magazine
Description: German counterpart of the CIA has Marine Aquarium running in magazine article.

Name: SAGA Magazine
Genre: Magazine
Description: Marine Aquarium was referred to in the Computers & IT column last August 2001.
Name: She Spies
Genre: Television
Description: Another TV show that used Marine Aquarium on one of their episodes.
Name: Smallville
Genre: Television
Description: In Shimmer - Episode 10 in the first season, Marine Aquaium made an appearance on Lex Luthor's laptop.
Name: Extreme Makeover, Home Edition
Genre: Television
Description: Marine Aquarium made an appearance on episode 4, the Mendoza family of Van Nuys, California. The show contacted SereneScreen to create the effect of an aquarium in a girl's room, which for various reasons they could not provide a life tank. The Marine Aquarium was displayed in a 32" plasma screen and flanked on either side by a 17" plasma screen.

Name: Big Brother
Genre: Television
Description: Located in the Lounge area, where contestants held their meetings. In this version, the display was cropped on the sides, and displayed on a flat screen monitor which was rotated 90 degrees.

Name: Law and Order
Genre: Television
Description: Jim Sachs' Marine Aquarium appeared in the hit television series, Law and Order.
Name: QVC
Genre: Television
Description: QVC has used Marine Aquarium on many occasions as a sales aid for computers and LCD monitors.
Name: TechTV
Genre: Television
Description: TechTV gave several reviews of Marine Aquarium, they showed it on the background on the show, Screen Savers and Fresh Gear. TechTV also mentioned that its best and most realistic aquarium simulator on the market.
Name: This Small Space on Home and Garden TV
Genre: Television
Description: Marine Aquarium is part of the shows set.

Name: Comdex
Genre: Conference
Description: Many times Marine Aquarium has mades it's way to vegas in the Comdex show, and a few others to help show off the latest LCD monitors.
Name: Bowlers Computer Show in Manchester
Genre: Conference
Description: Europe's largest annual computer fair in the UK, usually shows Marine Aquarium on around 500 monitors